The Problem:

Young people do not feel as safe as they should when enjoying nights out.

“Four-fifths of young women in the UK have been sexually harrassed, survey finds”
— The Observer
“Murder of Sarah Everard triggered outpouring of concerns over women’s safety”— Evening Standard
“Women boycott UK bars and clubs to demand action on drink-spiking”— The Guardian

‘Where You At’ is an award winning female founded app…

We aim to make nights out safer for everyone. Our app allows groups of friends to
stay in touch with each other inside venues even when there is no signal. Using precise
Indoor positioning and Bluetooth mesh networks, Where You At allows users to precisely locate friends in dark and crowded spaces without connection.

How It Works:

Our indoor location system, offline messaging service (coming soon), and SOS features work together in tandem to protect people in vulnerable situations, giving users back a sense of control and confidence.

Why We Do It:

Attention on violence against women at night is at an all-time high, evidenced by high media attention and large government funding committed to the topic. Young people rely on instant communication to stay safe and confident. However, nightlife venues remain an unsafe ‘blind spot’.

Our Research

We want to make a positive contribution to the research surrounding safety and how young people feel about the nightlife economy. Have a look at the results of the research we’ve undertaken.

Safety Resources

We’re working to improve the safety of young people in situations where it can be dificult to stay connected. With our partners, we promote safe practices.


We’re growing our base of ambassadors and partnerships, who care deeply about nightlife safety, to get our message of safety and connectedness out into the world.