WYA Venues

Our Overriding Mission Is Simple: To Make Nightlife Safer For Everyone

Our Aim

Our app is about reducing stress, connecting friends, and maximising all aspects of a night out that users enjoy. It is about helping us limit the likelihood of feeling lost, out of place, disoriented, unsafe, or vulnerable.

Staying Connected

In the age of the smartphone, constant streams of communication are key. Young people frequently rely on instant communication to stay safe and feel confident on nights out. However, night-time venues often feel unsafe due to their lack of phone and internet signal, and large volume capacity. Our app helps people to stay safe with the touch of a button.

71% of women of all ages in the UK have experienced some form of sexual harassment in a public space.
This number increased to 86% among 18-24 year-olds.*

*YouGov Poll

Partnering With WYA

At present, venues have no well-recognised way to deter bad behaviour other than the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme. People often have trouble locating their friends in clubs, resulting in them feeling uncomfortable and presenting difficulty in returning home safely. The recent media focus on club goer vulnerability, such as the spiking by injection epidemic, has resulted in demands for more efficient safety solutions.

WYA offers a solution to this. By improving the safety of users, we ensure a more enjoyable night out for everyone using our app.

What We Do

WYA can provide analytics and data about your customer movements and activities throughout the night to help improve your business management. You understand the power of branding but is your establishment creating a safe, secure, and sociable atmosphere to ensure your customers stay longer and come back again?

Why Partner With Us

How It Works

Undoubtedly owning a venue brings with it great responsibility. WYA is aware of the implications of negative publicity and the effects that it can have on an establishment regarding customer experience.

By partnering with WYA, your venue not only will symbolise a recognition of the importance of safety within the nightlife industry, but you will also pioneer a front-running technological innovation that will give your venue the highest standard of safety.

Having WYA at your venue projects the message of a venue that truly cares about its customers, improving customer satisfaction and increasing business.


Tiger Tiger x WYA

Initial trials were crucial to us proving our technology. We understood that we required a large, sprawling venue in order to best showcase how we are best ready to transform the connectivity in said space. We utilised our partnership with the NTIA to connect us to the owners of Tiger Tiger, in central London.

Our Partnership

After we exchanged details of our planned engagement, they were more than happy to accommodate us and allow us all access to their space. With this powerful asset, we were able to prove our internal accuracy claims of being able to locate yourself and a given set of friends within 1 metre, without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile signal.

Integrate WYA With Your Venue

Interested in putting your venue at the forefront of a safer night time industry? Contact us today and become a foundational pillar in the night time sector that really makes a difference.